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About Us

Our Story

What we do matters, but why and how we do it matters even more. It makes a world of difference when we do something consciously, thoughtfully, passionately, and purposefully. 

The same principle applies to Marketing. Why and how we market a brand/product/service matters. Rather than employ flashy gimmicks and pushy tactics, we believe in a win-win approach that works for everyone: the seller (you), the buyer (your audience), and the marketer (that’s us). 

We’re a group of professionals, individuals specializing in different fields: branding, conceptualizing, UX design, copywriting, programming, research, analytics, and consulting. A multicultural group of skilled professionals with shared values and a common goal under the MarketinGO brand. 

We’re here to help like-minded clients promote their brands and businesses with thought, compassion, and purpose.

The Mission

There’s too much false marketing out there. Too much noise created for the sole purpose of encouraging consumers to buy more, have more, and want more, usually of low-quality, unhealthy, and environmentally damaging products, as well as superficial materialistic possessions. 

Even products marketed as “green, eco-friendly, and sustainable” turn out to be profit-driven and disingenuous upon closer scrutiny.

We might not be able to beat the system, but we can do our part in being the change we want to see in the world.

Our mission is simple: to actively advocate Organic Marketing as a socially-aware and trustworthy marketing approach that focuses on promoting useful and thoughtfully created products and services that add value to society while minimizing harmful effects on the environment.

MarketinGO Values

When in doubt, we’ll always fall back on our guiding principle of “a win-win approach for all”. This translates into the following core values we pride ourselves on applying in our daily work:


We hold ourselves accountable for your project. This means we’ll give it our all to achieve the best outcome, deliver quality results, and maintain open communication throughout the entire process.


We’ll help you discover your brand identity and convey it in an authentic voice and persona that resonates with your target audience.


We stay current on the latest developments and trends so we’ll be able to recommend the best strategy that makes the most sense for your business and goals.


In parallel with our mission to actively advocate Organic Marketing as a socially-aware and trustworthy marketing approach, we are also firm believers in organic growth and lead generation as the sustainable way to grow.

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Copywriting in collaboration with "Words by Lindy"