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Marketing Messaging and Landing page wireframe creation

Acrotrend is a Leading customer insights and analytics company

Acrotrend challenge

Acrotrend targeted content-led subscription businesses like Financial Times, The Guardian, The New York Times, etc. This is on the back of a very successful implementation they recently completed with one of the large and well-known brands – The Economist.

Identified Buyer Personas were CMOs, CDOs, and CIOs in these businesses.

To reach the buyer personas, Acrotrend planned to build a landing page and launch an email campaign.

Our process & implementation

We were hired to develop the proposition messaging and design the landing page wireframe and copywriting.

The main challenge from our side was that everything needed to be delivered within a very tight timeline, in just two weeks.

Our process included:

  • Competition analysis
  • Chief Data Officer (CDO) Buyer Persona analysis and build their avatar
  • Define main CDO pain points
  • Acrotrend solution analysis and The Economist case study
  • Define the value proposition
  • Identify main differentiation points
  • Analyse Acrotrend brand strategy [Mission, Values, Vision]

Then we used all these data and insights to produce the:

  • Tone of voice
  • 3 marketing messaging pillars
  • design 3 versions of landing page wireframes
  • and we wrote the copy for the entire page.

The client then designed and developed the landing page and launched the email marketing campaign to generate leads.


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