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Marketing Strategy, UI/UX Analysis, Social Media Marketing

Final takeaways:

At the beginning of our collaboration, Movaia came to us with a few and a concept website with room for UI and UX improvements. Movaia wanted to improve its material, verify the assumption that its service is helpful for the user, and start generating sales.

During our collaboration: 

  • We audited and enhanced the marketing strategy and plan of Movaia
  • We proceeded with a UX analysis, eventually creating a fantastic user experience and a straightforward customer journey 
  • We engaged in Social Media marketing actions, reinforcing our trust and authority and eventually paving the way for other marketing actions
  • We initiated an organic influencer marketing approach that resulted in generating feedback for the app and creating some partnerships
  • We focused on LinkedIn automated and manual lead generation, forming great partnerships with Movaia’s potential users
  • We launched Google ads campaigns that brought new users to the service

It is also worth mentioning that after consulting with our client, we concluded that we needed to generate additional user feedback on the app and decided to move Movaia to a beta phase in an attempt to generate a good amount of testers. This initiative enabled us to generate hundreds of testers.

In conclusion, during our collaboration, Movaia achieved its goals by generating enough feedback on its service, forming strategic partnerships, and generating traction by acquiring new customers. 

Movaia is a revolutionary startup in the field of running technology.

Client information & objectives:

Propelled by the team’s scientific knowledge of running form analysis and Artificial Intelligence, they created an application – powered by AI – that examines a runner’s running form and provides recommendations on how to improve it, in the form of a running form report. Users simply upload a video of themselves running and Movaia’s AI capabilities take care of the rest. Enhancing one’s running form can lead to higher running performance, avoidance of reaching plateau, and higher resilience to injury.

Due to the nature of the service and the fact that Movaia launched only months ago, when they came to us, they only had a limited number of  testers of the service and a website that contained a complex customer journey. The fact that Movaia was revolutionary, combined with the opportunity to shape the future of running technology, sparked our imagination!

Our main objectives were:

  • Validating the customer insight and business case, ultimately figuring out if there is enough demand for the service.
  • Examining whether demand could be generated at a low enough customer acquisition cost to make the business case profitable
  • Creating an MVP (minimum viable product) to be able to achieve sales
  • Generating traction so that Movaia could seek funding


Auditing and enhancing the Marketing Strategy:

To be able to achieve the objectives set to us by Movaia, we started with auditing and enhancing the marketing strategy and plan in close cooperation with the Movaia team.

The marketing strategy included:

  • Current market & marketing audit
  • Comprehensive direct & indirect competition analysis, including finding the weak points of competitors and leveraging them as an advantage
  • Target market analysis
  • Buyer personas
  • SWOT analysis

The marketing strategy turned out to be our compass, accurately navigating us through the market and pointing out to us the edge we should form compared with our competitors, as well as the components we should work on to improve.

After crafting Movaia’s marketing strategy, we also established a marketing plan with clear goals, actions, and timelines. The marketing plan included both organic and paid actions.

UI/UX Analysis:

The competition analysis in our marketing strategy immediately showed us that we had room to improve the customer journey. The video upload step was very late in the sequence, the pricing model was complex, the starting points were not prominent enough, and the running form report needed UX improvements.

For that reason, we started by noting down all the necessary steps, from the initiation of a website visit all the way to purchase, and created a new, improved customer journey.

Our UX analysis and customer journey empowered Movaia to create a new website with a clear user roadmap based on it. This will allow Movaia to engage with paid and organic marketing actions and start generating sales.

Social media marketing:

Once Movaia’s new website was ready, our goal – before actively pursuing conversions – was to showcase authority and boost trust to increase the conversion rate of our future actions. For that reason, we engaged in social media marketing. The project included:

  • A master plan on how we structure our social media content, post frequency, how to boost organic reach, and how to gather user-generated content. 
  • An annual plan for special occasions we can leverage to write engaging content
  • A monthly post calendar
  • Creative mockups that can be used by both the Movaia team and us
  • KPIs

Our social media marketing efforts enabled us to establish a follower database and paved the way for more marketing actions.

Influencer outreach:

In an effort to gather feedback on the service and promote it, we engaged in organic influencer outreach. Our goals were:

  • Identify relevant influencers
  • Ask the influencers to sign up and test Movaia
  • Provide a questionnaire to influencers that focus on questions regarding value, pricing, and ease of use
  • Ask the influencer to share Movaia with their followers if they find it interesting

Besides gathering valuable feedback, the organic influencer outreach enabled Movaia to form partnerships with amazing athletes and coaches, increasing its reach and brand awareness.

Additionally, we created a database with rate cards from influencers and we are ready to use it anytime Movaia needs some exposure. 

Here are some data we are allowed to disclose:

  • Overall reply rate: 8%
  • Positive reply rate: 5.1%
  • Success rate: 15%

*Success rate refers to influencers that tested the service and provided valuable feedback via questionnaires

LinkedIn outreach

Here we did two things:

  1. Set up an automated campaign which resulted in 
  • Average reply rate: 24%
  • Connection request acceptance rate: 22%
  • Discussions initiated: 186
  • Success rate: 9.68%

2. And run a manual LinkedIn InMail lead generation, which resulted in a 37% reply rate.

Google Ads:

Our final action for Movaia included Google Ads. We leveraged Google Ads to drive runners to Movaia’s website and, eventually, convert them into clients. As with any other action we performed for Movaia, we decided to go with a very narrow and relevant targeting. As a result, we targeted users from cities around the world where runners have the highest spending.

In terms of ad types, we leveraged the following:

  • Search ads that target keywords related to running form, running performance, and resilience to running injuries
  • Display retargeting campaigns, aiming to re-engage users that visited the website but did not proceed with the desirable actions.

After launching the ads, we proceeded with constant optimization, including optimizing the bidding methods, adding negative keywords, changing the match of targeted keywords, and a/b testing various content and target-related components.

Here are some campaign data we’re allowed to disclose:

  • Conversion rate: 8.41%
  • Average CTR: 7.63%
  • Average CPC: can’t be published due to an NDA
  • Percentage of website visits resulting from Google Ads: can’t be published due to an NDA

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