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Tucano Coffee:
Inbound Marketing Strategy & Content Marketing

About the client

Tucano Coffee is a chain of coffee houses with a dynamic international network located in 9 countries around the world.

The challenge

Tucano Coffee’s wanted to create a stronger connection with their customers, build¬†brand awareness, and establish future growth by increasing traffic to their websites¬† and

The Solution

Tucano Coffee was fun to work with because of their colorful and rich branding. Our approach was to build a solution around their needs: to boost awareness on Specialty Coffee, build brand loyalty, and attract franchisees to expand their network of coffee shops.

We designed and build the creative and quirky blog to provide interesting and educational content, organized under different categories with Tucano Coffee brand and values embedded throughout to enhance the visitor experience. Then, and after conducting a proprietary technical audit, and an on-page analysis, we curated and managed their content to keep visitors on the page longer and to optimize SEO to increase engagements.


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