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Book a Free Strategy Session Call

Our proven process:

  1. Book a FREE Strategy Session call using the calendar app.

  2. Please get prepared for the call. Define your goals, expectations, criteria of success, deadlines, and any other important details.

  3. During the call, we’ll discuss it all and exchange questions.

  4. Within 3 working days after the call, we’ll analyze your task, research the market and niche, come up with the best solution, and will get back to you with a price quote, deadlines, and action plan.

  5. If you are interested, we can work either directly or through UpWork if you would like to use Escrow payment security.

  6. We execute, test, and launch the project, campaign, or product. Next, we monitor and optimize it.



Physically we are in Chisinau, Republic of Moldova, but spiritually we are everywhere!